Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hair Cut

So here's Sam the day after his hair cut! The lady that cut him did the best job ever! He looks great even if he doesn't have any hair. He feels 110% better and in celebration of that fact the temperature this morning was 64 degrees! Got up the the high 80's and it feel wonderful outside! The grass is still dying and the moles are stiff invading but it feels good outside and that makes it seem a little better. Sorry for the short blog, I will work on more when I have time, the bookstore is about to make me jump out the window! More later, I promise. All 6 of you!


Lee Ryan said...

that is a happy looking dog.

Kimer said...

So maybe you should take a bath and shave too huh? Think how happy you would be!!!

Lee Ryan said...

hummmm. I take at least one bath/shave per month whether I need it or not.