Monday, August 23, 2010

More Stuff

I got Sam a shave and a bath lined up for tomorrow. The heat is really hard on him, so this should make him feel a little better. If it doesn't, we'll have to ship him back to Colorado. It was another hot, dry one, and I'm just about done with it. I have given up on watering the front yard as a try at getting rid of the moles. I'm still working on the backyard, and I don't know why. The moles have found their way back there, and I can't get Gracie to dig them up. I think if she were to see them, that might change her mind. I mean, she's crazy about squirrels, so what's not to love about a mole? The watering doesn't seem to be doing any good; however it's making the robins happy as they stand there and soak it in. 
I spent some time praying in my little prayer room yesterday at church. It really is going to be a nice spot once I fix it up some. Alex found me a padded kneeling rail, and I brought in two chairs. I want to find a small table to keep a Bible and a candle on. Looking to put up some maps and lists of government officials and a picture or two, I think. I wish Pat were here to help me set it up. She's so good at that kind of thing. I'm half afraid to take my personal stuff in there, as I might not see it again, so we'll see. 
Work was crazy today. They did $383,000 yesterday and wanted to do that much today. I hope they did, but I was glad to leave there today. On Saturday, I get to leave 30 minutes early so I can walk down to the stadium to be trained as a backup for ushering at home games. For this I went to college? It's fun for now, and it won't last forever, and that's what I like. This season of my life, I'm finding that I'm OK with not knowing what I should be doing. After Labor Day, I'll start class online through Asbury, and I'll be doing my spiritual direction through Perkins starting in October. Working some for Coldwater Creek should be fun, and taking care of this crazy family of one man, two dogs and a cat is keeping me pretty busy.

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Lee Ryan said...

humm...that's a good idea; I could go for a shave and a bath one of these days myself! :-)