Saturday, August 21, 2010


Going in a little later this morning, which is nice. I have a 10-2 shift today and I'm off tomorrow.  Joe keeps telling me that when this rush is over they are going to ask some people to stay on because they are short of people. I think they are short on people with personalities! I have never been around so many snotty young people, ever! They look at me like I'm kind of crazy person, but now that I think about it, most people look at me like that. All we really have to do is welcome people into the store and ask them if they need help finding anything. The other employees just stand there and talk to other employees. If I was running the place I'd fire all of them and start over. Anyway, I'm thinking Joe might ask me to stay and I hate telling people no. Alex had a great idea though, tell him I want a job in loss prevention under Joe, $13 an hour and something else I can't remember. I just can't keep driving to Fayetteville for $8. 
I forgot to tell you, Coldwater Creek called and I start training there on the 30th which is when all the bookstore stuff is over. I didn't even go in for an interview! Just filled out the application, took it in and got a phone call the next evening. It will be part time so about eight hours a week and the pay is the same as the bookstore, but I only have to drive down the road a short distance. There is some kind of a discount on clothes, so that's where my paycheck will be going! That will allow me to still do some volunteering in the church office, play handbells and sing in the choir. My big project is now setting up the prayer rooms and getting ready to start a Bible study on prayer in less than a month. I like the cash from working, but I think for me it is so much more than that right now. Alex can do that for a while and he is giving me room to either work or not. He just wants me to be happy and enjoy what I'm doing. Me too!

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