Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day Two!

Day two, and I really don't know how long I can keep this up. It is completely boring right now. I think the only real people on campus are over 900 freshman girls that are going through rush and the marching band, which I secretly want to join. Now the people that get on my bus in the morning are a little strange, but the ones in the afternoon are downright scary. This afternoon’s bus almost passed me by, and I was going to start crying if he had. When he cut across two lanes to get to the pullout, I knew I was OK. The stop after mine is at Union Station, which is the hub of Razorbus land. All the crazies hang out there. As we were pulling up, the elderly bus driver says, "You see that guy right there in the blue shirt? He's still single!" When we all got a look at him, we busted out laughing. If I were to stand next to him, I would be tall. He looked to be at least as old as me and had on a sorority's shirt with the words Beau written on the back. He sat there chewing his fingers and trying to talk the driver into stopping somewhere other than where he was supposed to stop. I think I'm going to park behind Harp's and walk up the hill next week. 

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