Saturday, July 31, 2010


Getting ready to start this day, and I must get out in the yard and water. It has been so hot and dry, but I rejoice that the weeds are dying and I didn't have to mow the yard this week.
Wanted to talk about direction today and see if I can flesh this out so it at least makes sense to me. When we're unsure about which course of action to take, we should totally submit to the Holy Spirit, asking Him to shut every door except the right one. But then you can't sit down on the couch and not do your part in this. You  may not know what your part is at that given moment, but becoming a couch potato isn't really in your future. So you keep moving, trusting the promise that God won't leave or forsake you.
So what does this look like, say, for someone looking for a job? Do you wait until the perfect job comes along before you apply for anything else? Well, if you have a sugar daddy that is supporting you, sure—I guess. But for us in the real world, no! You keep looking, and you apply for other things that interest you and fit your skill set. So what if you have always wanted to be a lion tamer? You have been trained in lion taming 101, and you have healed from your past mistakes in lion-ese. You call the local tamer place to get on their radar, in case they are looking for someone with your skill and expertise. In the meantime, do you sit and wait for them to call. No! You keep looking for other things.
If taming lions is what God has for you, it will happen. But this time of waiting could be the door shutting, and you need to know that God has something better for you. Could you go down to the tamer place and convince them that you are the one and only tamer in town that can do whatever it is that you do? Yes, but that would be considered busting the door down, and I don't think you want to go there.
If you go to God for guidance, He will guide you. Don't expect Him to show you His list of jobs for you, especially if you have shown Him distrust by busting down doors. What He will do, if you trust Him and go on ahead, when you do open a door, He will guide you even further.
So continue to apply at the tamer places around town, but don't turn down the offer to ride in one of those little clown cars if it's offered to you. Think how many people would bust down doors to do that!

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Leslie said...

So what color clown car are you thinking of climbing into?