Friday, July 30, 2010


I got some comments on the blog from yesterday, and I gotta tell you, it helped me get through the grieving process. So for those of you that read and wrote me comments on Facebook, bless you!
Another thing I did yesterday was go out to a new friend’s house and pick up a half a bushel of tomatoes, some ears of corn, squash, two peaches and a dozen eggs. I was so excited I almost stayed there all day. So now the tomatoes are lined up on the counter, and I'm thinking about doing some salsa, which I also got a recipe for while I was there.
Now the really cute thing about my position right now is that nobody really knows me yet. They know that I'm married to Alex, make pickles, have two dogs and used to live in Colorado. So when I told Liz that I loved chickens, she sized me up and said, "Humm, you sound like a good ol’ country girl." I laughed from deep in my belly. This is such a fun place to be, coming in under the radar, acting like I don't have enough sense to get in out of the rain. I said, "Girl, I use to raise chickens when I was married the first time—(Liz's jaw drops a little) and hogs too! I got my BS in Animal Science at Arkansas State. Just didn't have the drive or money to be a vet." Now let me draw this picture for you. Older women who have worked hard their whole libes know how to size you up in a flash second to know whether you’re worth your salt or not. The head tilts up, they look down their nose and raise an eyebrow and the word, "Hmmph" comes out of their throat. "Well, now you might just be all right."
Let me tell you, people—this is a very big deal in the life of the church and for the good of me. I believe I am starting to see the beginning of being accepted. One lady at the Wednesday potluck, whom I had sat with the week before, even came up to me this week and wanted to know if I was too good to sit with them this week. I told her I was spreading myself around. A sweet lady told me before Sunday school last Sunday that she and her friends were glad to see that the associate pastor’s wife had a personality. This is HUGE! Now the question I have is, do I tell them that I have been praying for them and that they would be prepared for us for years?

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redheadbeck said...

Too funny!!! Surprising stuff, a BS in Animal Science, from a girl!! LOL!! And surely she knows by now that you have a HUGE wonderful personality!!!

Beautiful Arkansas grown tomatoes, by the way....