Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Girl!

Took Gracie in yesterday morning for her ACL surgery and picked her up about 5 yesterday afternoon. I had to keep myself busy with cleaning the house, putting up peaches and doing laundry, or I think I would have gone and parked myself at the vets to wait. Alex went with me mainly because I can't pick her up and get her into the truck but also because he loves her too. When she came around the corner you could tell she was drugged out of her mind just by the way she looked at us. We got her home with instructions and drugs for pain, infection and swelling. The Doc said there was quite a lot of arthritis in her knee already and he scraped it out to give her a head start on recovery. She slept most of the evening, eating some but not drinking which had me worried. About 1 am, I heard her whimpering so I got up to check on her and she drank some water. Then about 2 I heard her again and we went outside to stretch our legs and check on all the bug noises. She ate this morning, however seems to be in some discomfort. This now starts the hard part of keeping her calm and laying down. The cutest part of yesterday was our boy dog Sam. He stayed in our bedroom and was depressed all day. You know you can see it in their eyes, he wanted to know where Gracie was. So when we brought her home the hardest part was keeping him away from her. He was a happy boy to have his girl home with him. Yazi, the cat, was checking her out this morning to make sure it was really his dog. So Gracie made it through the ordeal of being cut open and fixed up to hopefully live to run another day. Earl & Pearl Squirrel showed up this morning in hopes of getting chased up the tree. Gracie had to pass because I take her outside on her lead, but Yazi is working it!   

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Lekili said...

LOL! Glad she is doing well and that Yazi is working it. Miss Buzz. Haven't decided if (when) to get another kitty. Maybe we'll foster a dog too. Give Gracie and Sam hugs for me.