Monday, July 5, 2010


This is Alex's last free day before work starts in the morning, and to celebrate, we are going to Gentry, which is where Taylor's Orchard is, and we're going to pick peaches and blackberries. I figure that tomorrow, while Gracie is in surgery, I can stay busy and not worry too much if I have something to put up. So the next thing to do will be to go online and find out how to freeze peaches. Momma use to do it, but it was in a heavy syrup, and I want to see if I can find something a little lighter. Blackberries are as easy as blueberries: Put them in a bag and freeze. 
We got most of Alex's books over to his office yesterday and hung some pictures. He seems to be looking forward to working. I just hope it doesn't make me crazy being at home alone. He also fixed my Garmin. The memory was full, and for some reason hadn't been transferring the info over to the computer. That means I have to get back at it. 
Went for a run this morning and a walk with Alex afterward. I have an appointment with a doctor on Wednesday so he can refer me to a specialist for my thyroid. Then I will be able to get my meds straightened out and should start losing this weight. It's making me crazy carrying this weight around, and I am tired of being tired. 
 Going to put the address to Taylor's in the iPhone and follow the map to their place. I love my new phone!

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Lekili said...

Let me know how it goes. My meds were upped to 100's. Had a gluten/whey allergy attack. YUCK! Feeling sort of better on the new level. Stared WW again. Missed you being our "sec." Maybe this time it will "take" and I'll actually lose some weight - if I would stop stress eating. Happy thyroid leveling.