Friday, June 4, 2010

Yard Work

I ran 2.11 miles in 21 minutes this morning using the run/walk thing that I learned about from Gallaway and a clinic in Lexington. You run for four to six minutes then walk for a minute (and not slow walking either—power walking). I found the back way to Sam's and Wal-Mart, but don't think I'll be walking to go shopping. I'm thinking it's about time to up the miles but stay at three to four times a week for my running. I got on the scale this morning, and all I have to say is that the lovely folks at church are feeding us well! 
Had our yard day today before it got too hot. Trimmed up bushes, and Alex got out his saws-all and went to town on the trees out front. I've got three crape myrtles that I know have not been touched in years. We are hoping that the sun will be able to get through the trees a little better so we can have some grass. Looks like we might wait ‘til tomorrow to do that cutting. 
Devon and Mary came by today to meet the herd. They will be staying here while we go to annual conference. So it looks like we are getting there. Had lunch with two folks from the church and got to see his car collection. Oh my, he has an MG that is to die for. I need to get him Pat's info on her car. He might be the person to buy it.
Saw some pictures of the pelicans down in the gulf, covered in oil. Just breaks my heart. People are just yelling at the BP CEOs, as they start up their cars to drive down the road. Come on, people; we are the reason things like this happen. If we would walk to school and carry our lunches, then maybe—just maybe—this wouldn't have happened. I get so tired of being so dang dependent on oil! Don't get me wrong; I drive to the store too, and I'm as much to blame as anyone else that owns a car. I just wish people would stop pointing fingers and roll up their sleeves and do something to clean it up. Pray, people, for God to supernaturally plug that hole up!

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