Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I decided to get up this morning and start back at the running thing. I'm have issues with my Garmin (I'm sure it's operator error), so I'm unsure how far I went. However, I do know that it was nice to get out and run again. I went to the subdivision behind our house, where all the streets are named after birds, and was surprised by the flatness of it all. I thought we were in the Ozarks and that we’d have some rolling hills or something. But alas, it’s as flat as a pancake. Now don't get me wrong; I love flat! Flat stomachs, flat boxes, yes. But flat hills? After the run, I came home and got Alex, and we went for a walk. We found what looks to be a trail of concrete construction, so I will be checking that out. It could be a shortcut to Sam’s!
We are preparing to leave on Sunday for Annual Conference, where Alex will be commissioned for probational status as an elder in the Methodist church (wow, quite  a mouthful). That will be happening on Tuesday, and it will be the first time he will wear his robe. It's starting to get exciting, although it doesn't seem real yet. His first day of work will be July 6, and he will preach his first sermon on the 11th. Part of me is still waiting for someone to tell him he needs three more classes before he can do this. It has been a difficult haul. Not an impossible one—just trying and stretching. However, we are learning that that is where we grow.  
Today we unpack yet more boxes and maybe get around to hanging pictures on the walls. Tomorrow we start on the yard. When my folks were here, mom and I walked the yard to see what needed to be done. Trees have got to be trimmed, a magnolia might get cut down, and bushes need a haircut. There seems to be no shortage of ants here, and I need to put up bird feeders, so I should really be getting at it. One thing that the seminary has over the elementary school across the street is that we are out, while they don't get done until the 8th

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