Sunday, June 20, 2010

The hand of God.

I had a great time this weekend with my folks. My mom asked me to come to a conference they were having at their church, and when I asked her about it, all she could really tell me was that it was called Vessels for the Lord, and it was four female preachers preaching. So seeing that I'm needing some input from God, I figured that hearing from these ladies might be right up my path. I was not disappointed. The things that God imparted to me were to stay on the path, that He hears me and has a plan and to just keep walking and keep listening. So while I really wanted a blueprint, I am good with this. I am learning more and more that God is the one in control, and as long as I don't jump in there and mess with stuff, it will unfold when it should.

My sister followed me home to spend a few days with us. I always enjoy our time together. As we were heading up I-540, getting closer to Fayetteville, I was thinking about God's plan for my life and how I wish I knew more, so I could do something to prepare. You know how we have those conversations with ourselves, and we can justify just about anything? That's where I was, and all of a sudden, I came around this bend in the road, and I looked up at the clouds, and there was a huge hand, thumb extending up and palm cupped. I kept looking at it, cuz I knew it was from God. He was telling me that He had me, that I needed to stay right there in His hand. As I was looking at the thumb, I was taken back to my childhood, and I remember how whenever I held my daddy's hand, I would always grab hold of this thumb. So seeing that cloud was a reminder to stay in my heavenly father’s hand and to remember that He gave me my earthly father so I could hold on to him while I'm here. Happy Father's Day, daddy! I love you!

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