Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I hope that you have a brother or sister that you are able to spend time with. If you have one, I encourage you to spend time with him or her and relive your past life and begin to make new memories together. That's what I've been doing since Saturday, spending time with my younger sister, and I gotta tell ya, we laugh—a lot! It really never has mattered if we are the only ones around or if we're in a huge crowd of folks; we have a blast together! 
I dislike shopping very much. In fact, there are just a handful of people that I can shop with, and Dee is one of the few that I love to shop with. So we spent one day shopping and one day on the lake (thanks, Daddy!). The day on the lake was a rare thing for us, and it was great fun. While we have both spent time at lakes around Arkansas, we haven't spent that much time at one together. Dee is a lot more athletic than I am and has been a slalom skier for years, while it took me years to even get my butt out of the water on two skis. So this was the first time we have gotten to ski together, and it was great fun. I think the luckiest man in the world is Alex, cuz he likes to just hang out with us, and he laughs himself silly. So needless to say, I am sad when it comes time to leave each other’s company. There is something so sweet about being with someone that knows you so well, you really don't even need to talk in complete sentences. I was so hoping to be closer to Dee when we moved back to Arkansas, but we were six hours away from her when we were in Kentucky, and we are still six hours away. 
Thanks Dee, for being so much more to me than a friend. Thanks for always loving me, trusting me and encouraging me. I look forward to spending more time with you as we grow older and start to plan who will be pushing who in the wheelchair first. I love you, sister. You are a very bright spot in my life! 

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