Thursday, June 24, 2010


My whole idea of being committed to starting to run again has been flushed down the toilet this week! I could run today but with the sunburn I have going on I just don't think it would be a good idea to push the skin that far. I am so frustrated with the phase of life I'm in right now and I really should be enjoying it! But there doesn't seem to be any order to it and while that's somewhat freeing, it's also maddening! I do have three things to get done today outside the house today. We're taking Gracie to the vet to see what our options are with her blown out knee. She seems to be in some more pain and we know we need to get her taken care of as soon as we can. I have to remember that it's her rehab that is so trying on us. She's the kind of dog that by the time the meds wear off she's ready to do something and finds it very hard to sit still. I know what your thinking, sounds like the owner huh? Also have to get to Wal-Mart to get some sardines for the animals. Dee gives her Husky a sardine a day to help with her itchy skin and Grace has the same skin scratching problems. However the difference at our house is you can't give one animal one thing without giving it to everybody! So fish all around! Lastly we are going up to the AT&T store in hopes of getting an iPhone. We were unable to pre order one and I'm thinking it's crazy down there right now. We have to get something because the one we have is about to kill us with roaming cost. Then there is always the unpacking of boxes! Now wait a minute, there seems to be some sort of order in this day doesn't there? I also have some grass seed that daddy gave me and we might get some rain this afternoon so I should get it in the ground. Humm, sounds like a full day, better get at it.

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