Friday, June 11, 2010


Alex and I were talking about change and growth yesterday and how most people don't want either. Then one of my devotions this morning talked about it, so I take that as something God might want me to write about. So here goes. We get comfortable in our lives with our stuff and our thoughts. We think that if any change is going to happen then YOU better get at changen.  We believe God is happy with the way we think and how we behave, but if we aren't acting like Jesus, you can bet God isn't happy with us. Growth requires that we look at our lives in the light of Jesus, which will point out our lack of godly behavior. We then need to acknowledge that we lack it and seek to obtain it through prayerful determination. I remember for so long having the same prayer, "God, put me to work for you. I just want to do your will." 
So many of us want to use our logical thinking to become holy. We believe that if we think about it long enough, read enough books on holiness, show up in church and don't fall asleep during the sermon that we are working on our sanctification. News flash folks, there's no change happen there, if theres no change, there is no growth. Growth is painful and hard and unpleasant. It's uncomfortable and awkward and you will know when you have gone through it because the fruit of the spirit will start to show up in your life and you will know that you have been changed.
So here is my challenge to you today, look at your life in the light of Jesus and what he did for you. Just pick one thing that Jesus showed in his everyday life, don't make this harder than it is. Are you seeking to be gentle as he was gentle? In everything you do from your words to your actions? To everyone you come in contact with? Why not? If you have thoughts of justification right now for the way you are not being gentle, stop it! Take a deep breath, turn to the only one that can change you and ask him to make you gentle as Jesus was gentle. Watch out, cuz he'll do it!   

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