Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tractor Supply

I went to Tractor Supply the other day and was there to purchase some dog food that was on sale, cat litter and—my favorite this time of year—Frontier (keeps the bugs off the dogs). If you don't have large dogs, let me enlighten you on how dang expensive it is to keep them healthy and you flea- and tick-free! Sam, our 89-to-132-pound dog, gets three applications for $48.95, and Gracie, our 45-to-88-pound dog gets three for $45.95! I was so overcome with sticker shock that I forgot to get any for the cat!
Anyway, before all this happened, I was comparing the dog food, and I could hear some peeping. You know the sound that goes “peeep, peeep peeep.” I stopped in mid-aisle and turned around slowly. To my excitement and joy, I saw three large watering troughs with baby chicks in them! I love baby chicks! There was a little girl standing over them with as much excitement as me, only she was braver than me. I saw her bend over the side, going headfirst into the chick herd, only to come back up with a peeper in hand. At that moment, I saw her mother coming after her as she headed for the top of about five large bags of feed. Once up there, she refused to come down or hand over the chick until her mom said she could take it home. Ahhh, Easter time—when helpless chick, ducks and bunnies go home to be given as gifts from the Easter Bunny, only to be set free when they are older and unable to fend for themselves. 

Alex and I were fixing the lattice out in front of the house yesterday, when the neighbor's daughter came outside with a small fence and set it up in a circle in their yard. The daughter is about 17, I guess, and these are the same neighbors that have Bear and Brownie, the large fence-climbing dogs. The girl brought out two baby ducks and put them in the fence area, and they watched them run around in circles. I overheard her telling her stepmom, "Dad said he didn't want no ducks!" Great! Happy Easter!

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