Thursday, April 1, 2010


Alex comes home today, and I'm afraid he's going to be a little unhappy about the packing progress I've made. Not that I haven't made progress, because I have done my two boxes a day, but because of the way I leave the area that I'm packing in. Let me explain—or at least try to. I walk into the room with the strange closet/cabinet that houses my shoes (which still are in boxes). I open the boxes to make sure I still want the shoes and make a pile over on the right side of the boxes that are empty (I wonder where those shoes are). So off I go to find those shoes. Finding the shoes, I try them on and decide whether or not to keep them. Then the dogs are barking in the back yard, so I go downstairs to check on them. I grab a cup of coffee and sit outside for a while, enjoying the crazy robins singing at the op of their lungs. I figure while I'm resting, I can work on the graduation invitations, so I go back in to get them and start working on that. I see Mailman Tom, so I know the mail has arrived, and I go check it and see that I need to pull up the blinds around the house, so I do that instead. I get to the room with the strange closet/cabinet in it and there are the shoeboxes that need to be packed. See my problem? Pray for my husband, that on Saturday he will have stayed married to me for 17 years!


Lee Ryan said...

Hey - well an early Happy Anniversary! (did I spell that right?...) anyway...have a great Easter weekend too!!


Kimer said...

Thanks Lee! Yes, you did spell it right, I never do! Be Blessed this Easter!