Thursday, April 29, 2010


To get you up to date with the house, we showed it Tuesday via a video to a guy in Colorado who is applying to come to Asbury and needs a place that's close. We pray this is the one. We also will have a showing tonight, so they could be the ones too. We got another very low offer from the same people that gave us the worst offer ever. We have dropped the price and continue to pray for a buyer that will offer us a fair price.
Now on to the good stuff that God has been showing. As I drove over to Laura's yesterday. I really didn't know what to talk about or to seek direction on. I knew that I was scared but not as badly as I was on Monday. I knew I wanted to know what my ministry was shaping up to be. Even though I knew what I wanted it to be, I think I just needed it confirmed, if that makes any sense. I asked God to enlighten my path and my purpose, and this is what happened. He showed me a light beyond a little rise in the distance but no path. So we talked about that for a while, and Laura asked me if I could see myself as the Father, Son or Holy Spirit. Which would it be? I said the Holy Spirit, and we talked about what the Spirit's job was and how it moved and acted. The Spirit hovers; He goes where there is low pressure and where he is welcomed. So maybe my job is to go in and hover to see where there is a need.
You know there is going to be a honeymoon time when we get there, and I will be asked to join everything. This will be a good time to just see how they take me. I pray for people; it's what I have been called to do and what I have been trained in. It is my heart. So when I get asked to come and join, I will say, “I would love to come and pray and see what the Spirit has to say about that.” The door will either open or close from that point. If it closes, I will hover over to another place. If tears start to form in the eyes of the asker, I will feel that low pressure and hover on over. So that's one part of my job.
Another part—or maybe it's my purpose—is to be a water bearer. Now let me try and explain this. My whole life has always had something of a strange pull toward water. Now I'm a Pisces, which is the sign of the fish (even though I don't follow that stuff anymore), and I have always loved the water. Well, this is what God showed me: I have a hose, and it's hooked up to heaven, so the water supply won't run out. The pressure will always be good, because it's flowing down. I also have this tool belt with all these tools for different jobs. There's the jet nozzle for cleaning dirty stuff, and there's the gentle rain maker and a soaker—all the different ends you can think of. So I'm going to take this hose, and I'm going to see what the need is, and I'm going to bring on the water. So I will be a water bearer. Is that not the coolest? 
My heart just sings with this! It ties so much together for me. There is a picture that my dad took of me when I was about two, I guess, and I'm sitting in a sand box with a worm in one hand and a hose in the other. I have had the picture of floating and that God says I will teach people to float. Water Bearer and Joy Bringer. That's what I’m going to be!

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