Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday in class, Steve Seamands said he felt like there were some people in our class that needed to receive prayer and that if we were feeling like that, for us to raise our hands. So I timidly raised my hand from the back of the class, as did this guy from the front of the class. Steve asked us to come forward and stand facing the class, one on each side. The funny part of this is that I hadn't cleaned up before going to class, because I had been cleaning the house and moving stuff around. So I had on jeans, an Arkansas hoodie, one of my sweat-lined ball caps and no makeup. Steve asked the class to look at one of us and ask the Holy Spirit how to pray for us.
The people who picked the guy lined up in front of him, laid hands on him and prayed what they felt the Spirit had told them to pray. Then it was my turn. Not as many people lined up for me, but it was the people God wanted. One of Alex's good friends prayed scripture over me about the plans that God had for me. Another person prayed about feeling God's call on my life. The last person to pray for me was a fellow Healing Academy partner. He stood very close with his arms over my shoulders, and I could feel his heart beat, even though we weren't close enough for that. I thought at the time that he has the heart of Jesus. Then he said, "I love you and will never leave you." These were words from Jesus, through the Holy Spirit.
So when all this was done and I wiped the tears off my face, I headed back to my seat. I was absolutely soaking wet! This is what I have found happens when people pray for me that are anointed to do so. I know that the words that were spoken over me were from the heart of God, and I take great comfort in that. Why, you might ask? Because what was spoken over me was exactly what my heart needed to hear. It was to let me know that I need not be afraid of what lies ahead, because God is in it. As long as I know that and remember it, I should be fine. Now the really cool thing was what I learned today when I went in for spiritual direction, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. So tune in tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel!

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