Monday, April 12, 2010

Open House

We had our open house yesterday, and it went well from what Kelly the Realtor told us. There were seven folks that came by, and that's pretty good for a place like Wilmore. Having Saint Joseph in the ground can't hurt much either. A few of our Catholic friends have told us that we needed to go get a statue of Joseph, because it helps get the house sold. So I did some asking around, found a Catholic bookstore in Lexington, and Alex and I went in hunt of Saint Joseph. A very nice lady at the store asked if she could help me, and I thought to myself, “She is going to think I'm crazy!” I told her I was looking for a statue of St. Joseph, and she asked, “For your home?” My heart jumped for joy, because I wasn't the only crazy person who had heard of this house-selling helper. We walked over to this rather large display, and there were at least 50 boxes of the Saint ready to go to your house and get busy. The cool part is what it said on the boxes: “House Selling Kit.” Joseph is about six inches tall and has his own prayer and directions. So before the open house, we dug a hole in the flower bed and put St. Joseph in there, said the prayer, and we'll see what happens. The directions say that when the house sells, we dig up the saint and keep him in our new house. This is going to make one heck of a cool story!


Lee Ryan said...

Once again; I hope things go well with the house. I moved out here last summer and hit on the St. Joseph idea in one of my posts. I don't know if you'll like it, but I thought it might make you laugh:

Also - there are a couple of references in there to a previous "staff meeting" from earlier in July - again, hoping it might make you laugh:

Kimer said...

Lee, you crack me up! Thanks for sharing the "staff meetings", your conversations always make me laugh!

Lee Ryan said...

Glad you like them; hopefully St. Joe will not be too busy working both sides of the deal to look after your interests a little bit. :-)