Friday, April 9, 2010

Rogers Arkansas Baby!

Alex got the call last night with the job offer of the "New Life," and it looks like he will be Associate Pastor at Central United Methodist Church in Rogers, Arkansas, with a start date of July 1, 2010. My husband has a job! I am living on the edge of crazy excitement right now, because we really did not expect such a wonderful appointment. Things just never really go that way for us. I'm not whining; I'm just stating a fact. We are not part of the pretty-people crowd. Not because we're not pretty but because we don't play that way. So we get overlooked most of the time, and that's OK, cuz then we fly in under the radar.
Getting appointed to Rogers is the biggest gift from God—next to saving our marriage—that we have ever received. We really were thinking we would be getting some crumbs, and we got offered the icing! So this crazy edge of excitement that I'm living on is because of how God works in our lives when we just let Him. You read how this week started and how it has ended. How many times has that happened to you? Think about it, and I bet you come up with some times that have flat-out blown your mind. These are the moments when we see God holding us in the palm of His hand and shaking His head, saying, "I gotcha!"

So now what, you ask? Well, we have our open house on Sunday, and we pray real hard that something happens because of it or in spite of it. Alex just made arrangements to go to Arkansas in two weeks to find a place to live. We keep packing two boxes a day and keep getting things together for the yard sale. Oh yeah—and class. Alex still has to pass his classes. So we jump for joy and get back to work and jump for joy and do a little more work. Lots of strange movements going on, and the poor dogs can't keep up. So we step out into this brand-new day, and we say, "YOU ROCK, GOD!" and we look ahead to see the path that He is laying out before us, and we look behind to see that He has been so faithful. And we remember to breathe! 


Lee Ryan said...

That's Great! See, this will all work out. :-)

Kimer said...

Thanks Lee, now to sell the house!