Monday, March 1, 2010

Writing on the Wall

I am starting to see the writing on the wall! I know that Alex will be happy to hear this news, as he has been reading it to me for over a month, but I have refused to listen to him! I am going to have to stop training, working out and stuff like that until I heal! I am not going to be able to run the half marathon in 27 days, and I am going to have to really start taking care of myself or I will not live to run another day. I will limp. All of this has come to a head, as I am hurt again. Or is it still hurt but just in another place now? As Alex and I left for our retreat on Friday, I started getting some discomfort in my left shoulder area. By bedtime, I was in pain and couldn't breathe well, laugh, blow my nose or cough. I believe I hurt myself while doing flies. Surly, I would feel better by Monday after two days of rest. NOT! I whimpered and whined through the gold medal hockey game, and while the cat felt sorry for me, he didn't offer me drugs to take away the pain. First thing this morning, I called Kari, whose husband, Joe, is a massage therapist, and got a time to go see him in the afternoon. I went to the Healing Academy meeting and had some friends pray over me and felt relief, but the underlying pain was still there, almost like a soreness. So as I pulled up to the little house that Joe's shop is in, I thought to myself, “Wonder why I can feel my back popping as I breathe?” Needless to say, I am injured—not broke yet. So here's the deal: I will not work out for a week—no elliptical, bike, treadmill or weight training. I will do stretches, slow walks and drink water—lots of water. I will go back to see Joe in a week, and we'll reassess then. So my thought is that if I want to live to run again, I will have to care for myself now and make a slow return when I am healed. I will take off the Wonder Woman outfit and slip into my sweat pants and drink my water.

On a happier note, I did find out about Marriage Missionaries and they aren't as strange as I thought they might be. Their ministry is called Inverse Ministries, and they go around the country twice a year for 40 days at a time, teaching on reconciling marriages and telling their story. They go to churches and offer their services for free. Alex and I had heard most of what they had to say, but it was good to hear it again and to be reminded that we had better get some things in place with each other before we get out into full time ministry. 

So now that I have read the writing on the wall, I will have more time to blog and drive you all crazy with my reasons why I think I should be able to run. So I ask that you take a deep breath and remember that I'm just trying to keep it real!

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