Friday, February 26, 2010


We are preparing for a Couples’ Retreat Weekend that will last until 4:30 on Saturday, so maybe it should be called a fast getaway instead of a retreat! One of the nice things about it is we don't have to pay. Since I ran the Christmas Craft Fair, I get comped for this as part of putting up with all that craziness! So we check in at 3 this afternoon and wrap up by 4:30 tomorrow. We are on our own tonight, which doesn't surprise us, as we are not part of the "pretty crowd." I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, and if you happen to be part of that crowd—well, stop it! These are the couples that hang out solely with each other. They have been married maybe five years, with at least one screaming baby. Most of them came to seminary to find themselves instead of coming here only because God called them here. They don't really understand "why these old people are in seminary anyway. Aren't they the ones that messed up the church in the first place?" To top it all off, these couples never leave here. They have found their mission field, and it is Wilmore.
Needless to say, Alex and I will be staying in our room, hanging out with our favorite people anyway—ourselves! We have come up with an idea similar to what they do around Super Bowl time with the betting squares—only we’ll be betting on where we get appointed. So we might work on that while we hang out in our room with the big whirlpool tub. Then on Saturday, we will be hearing from a couple that call themselves "marriage missionaries." No, I don't know what that means right now, but you can bet your bottom dollar that when I find out, I will be filling you in.

Tomorrow will also mark 12 weeks until Alex graduates!

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