Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who's with Me?

I had a pretty good night last night as far as discomfort goes, no huge sharp burning pains in my shoulder blade and I think I even rolled over a time or two without waking up the whole house! I do feel so much better today than I have in a long while, I thought about going for a run, but Alex has taken my running shoes away from me! (not really)

The sun hasn't been out since a week ago Sunday and I'm starting to think about hunting down that dang ground hog again! I did notice that there is rupturing in the ground and that's always a good sign as the earth starts to expand from it's winter sleep. The very tops of tulips are starting to poke through and this so gives my soul hope even if the sun is hidden. I just stood there today and looked at them and begged them to hurry up, push on through! I feel like this has been the longest and coldest winter ever, can I get a witness? I am tired of the small selection of sweat shirts that I have almost wore out! I'm looking at the toes and heels of my thick winter socks and thinking they may need to go to Goodwill this year! I'm tired of gray and gloomy and I want to see the sun! In fact the only good thing about this time of year right now is the mosquitos aren't here yet!

I do have the start of excitement in my bones as I see those tops of bulbs faithfully coming forward as if saying, if I'm brave enough to stick myself out here I'm trusting I won't get frozen! Come on bulbs I'm with you, let start sticking ourselves out there and urging Mother nature to join us in the celebration of spring! Who's with me? PUSH!

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