Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weather and Running

Looking at the weather, we should be in for some cooler temperatures and rain, so we spent some time outside today. Gosh, I love the sun! I also tried the slow jog again, and I gotta say, I'm feeling pretty dang good! I went a mile in 10:58, which is close enough to call it an 11-minute mile. I went without the iPod, just so I could hear myself, which my mentor, Mary, would be happy to hear. She's old school and thinks you should only use an iPod on the mill, because you need to hear cars, dogs and yelling neighbors. I included some hills, and they didn't kill me. I walked for a short distance back to the house to get the hubby and dogs and walked what I had just jogged. I really hate the term jog, and I think it's because that's a slow run, and I wanna be a fast runner.
Looking at the calendar, next Sunday is the half marathon. Saturday, I will go up to the horse park to pick up the most expensive race shirt I have ever registered for, and I will not go to the event. Part of me wants to walk it, but I just don't trust myself—really, I don't! I think I would get overcome with all the excitement and just take off with the rest of them and end up lying in a ditch somewhere holding my leg and crying. So it is probably best that I don't show up. It makes me sad to DNF (Did Not Finish) but I also DNS (Did Not Start).
I have learned something pretty important about training, now that I look back. Don't listen to anyone who isn't a trained trainer. They WILL hurt you, even if their hearts are in the right place. Even if they have seen it done on The Biggest Loser, Julian is a professional! I am going to start training again, slowly, because I really feel that I'm on the mend in a big way right now. I will train for 5Ks and 10Ks and work on my PR (personal record) as I approach the old end of my age bracket. I just wanna run. Don't know why and don't really care. Just know I wanna do it!