Thursday, March 18, 2010


After class, I went out back to take some pictures of the yard and life in the sun. It has been yet another week of overcastness, so today has been really nice. This picture is of the crazy bush that tries to take over the house. I have no idea what it's called, but in the spring, the flowers smell like lemons, so I've been calling it the crazy lemon bush that tries to take over the house. Anyway, I was looking at some of the buds and caught sight of my first bee of the year. It is so cool to see these signs of warmer weather on their way back. I am so tired of being cold and wearing long sleeves and having my fingers and toes numb. I'm ready to sit in the sun for about a week straight and gripe about a sunburn. 

Walking to class, I pass by the chapel to check on the bulbs that are coming up in the raised planter boxes. As soon as they open up, I will have to grab the camera and go shoot some of them. Over reading week—which is what the seminary calls spring break, but no one can break because of all the freakin’ books we gotta read—I will be working with my friend Pat making invitations for Alex’s graduation. I also need some good pictures of the seminary so I can use them on the invites. However, the trees are slow in coming to bloom, making my pictures look very wintry. Did I tell you how tired I was of being cold?

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