Thursday, March 4, 2010

Southern Seeds!

EEEEEEEEEEEE! I am so excited. The sun has come out today! I knew someday it would show its face again, and it looks like today is that day! I'm also excited to tell you what we did yesterday after a hectic day of cleaning. We went to Southern States. No, not all of them; just the one in Nic-Vegas (our closest town). Southern States is not just where cool people live; it's also a feed/seed store. So guess what we got. That's right—some seed! I got lettuce, spinach and turnip greens—all things that I can eat up before we move. I did not, however, get them planted yesterday, as it was turning dark and colder by the time we got home, and I had to get dinner on the table.
This morning, I wanted to take a picture of the seeds so I could share them with you, but I couldn't remember where I had put them. So after breakfast, I started tearing the place up looking for them, with no luck. So I asked Alex if he had seen them, to which he answered, "Ahhh, yeah." I asked where, and do you know what that stinker told me? He said, "You know the drawer beside the stove? Well, I put them in the very back, cuz you don't need to plant them right now!" Can you believe that man? Hiding my seeds from me! What he doesn't understand is that I need to plant them cuz they are cold-weather plants, and they will be fine in the ground and because I really need to plant something. It's like a rite of passage into spring.
I walk around looking at the ground a lot this time of the year. (I walk around looking at the ground a lot any time of the year, cuz I have a tendency to fall down if I don't.) After stuff starts poking its head up, I will start looking at the trees to see if it's time for the dogwoods to bloom. The robins should be getting thick in number and size as the ground gets softer and the worms start to move around. So much to see and be grateful for this time of year. Spring = Jesus! 

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