Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My dog Gracie!

OK, today I'm going to talk about my crazy dog Gracie. Do you see this stick that she has in this picture? It's bigger than my arm, and she has been carrying it around for about a month now. She will chew on it, so one end is getting rounded. When the dogs are out back and you decide to go outside for whatever reason, she knows that it's really to see and play with her. Gracie jumps up, grabs the stick in her mouth and looks at you like, "I dare you to take this thing away from me!" Then she runs down the stairs and waits for you to come running after her. OK, I don't know if I told you or not, but right now I'm not running—at all! Then whereever I go in the yard, to rake leaves, to pick up dog poop, to check to see if the seeds are poking their heads up yet, she is right behind you waiting for you to want to play.  Today, I made the mistake of going down the stairs before her, cuz I thought for some strange reason that she was staying on the porch. NOOOOO—here she comes with that stick, and she try's to take me out! I mean to tell you, she hit me in the back of the legs, and all three of us do not fit on the stairs, so I went gracefully down three at a time!
The other thing Gracie does is try to sneak up on squirrels, with the stick, like the squirrel wants to play stick with her! The other day, the squirrel was walking the fence between our yard (and Gracie) and the neighbor’s yard (with Bear and Brownie). Gracie jumped up and pushed on the fence, causing Rocky the squirrel to decide which side of the fence he was going to fall on. He picked Gracie's side, and I really think she froze in sheer unexpected glee! Rocky saw his chance and made a run for the trees, and after Gracie's brain engaged and told her feet to move, she went after him like she had been shot out of a gun. Needless to say, Rocky is still eating from the bird feeder and waiting to play stick with Gracie. I saw two doors down that the lady had eight corncobs on a stick so she could feed the squirrels. I know, I don't get it either! If I could, I would just shoot those fast rats, call my sister's ex-boyfriend from high school and have him clean 'em, and we'd fry 'em up and have some gravy with 'em. The last time I did that, it was the hairiest gravy I had ever had! Not much use for squirrel!

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