Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gotta do it!

We showed the house today, which always makes for a clean house. I finished up yesterday cleaning up the front yard, pulling weeds, raking leaves out of corners and throwing down grass seed, cuz it was going to rain overnight. Then this morning, Alex gets an e-mail from a couple from Memphis who were in town and wanted to know if they could look at the house. So the cleaning began, which wasn't really bad, cuz I've been staying on it. I had a lunch meeting, so I left Alex to talk the talk to the folks from Memphis. As I was walking home, I noticed that he had hung up his University of Memphis flag, and I saw that their car plates said Shelby county on them (where Memphis is). I had picked up two pieces of cake from the student center, because we were having a Founder’s Day celebration, and as I walked into the house, I saw the man who was looking at the house, and I said, "Hi, I brought you some cake!" He couldn't believe how friendly everyone was in Wilmore. I didn't have the heart to tell him any different.
Anyway, it was a good showing. The couple is trying to sell their house in Memphis and make the big move with three girls all under six years old to Wilmore so he can answer God's calling. Their story sounds a lot like ours did when it was time for us to come. He has a good job. Their parents think they are crazy for wanting to do any of this, yet they are strangely supportive. They just can't seem to take that step and come even if the house doesn't sell. I think that was the hardest and craziest part of what we did, and to look back at it now, it was the smartest and showed more faith than I thought either one of us had. We had been gone from Durango for nine months by the time our house sold! We had no savings left and were living by the grace of God as it was. Then when our house sold, the house we are in now came available, and we were able to move into it within the month.
I tried to tell this couple that by the world’s standards, what we do when we follow God looks pretty foolish. But the Jordan didn't part for the priests bearing the ark until they dipped their feet in the edge of the water. (Joshua 3:15-16). You just gotta do it. You gotta step out there knowing that it isn't in your power that you are doing any of it. You are just answering the call on your life, and you’re doing it in God's timing. If he says now, that's what he means; not when you feel like it or when you sell your house and life is all comfortable. We have diminished our savings twice now while being in Wilmore—once before our house sold in Durango and right now, before God sells our house in Wilmore. It's all good, and it keeps you humble and on your toes!

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