Monday, March 8, 2010

Look Here!

So here's a picture of what the garden is giving me as far as a crop goes. These are baby garlics that have come up voluntarily out in the garden plot. I haven't seen any seedlings sticking their little heads up yet, but I am full of expectation and ready to do the seed-sprouting dance! I also went to the front yard today and pulled up dead plants and weeds. Oh my gosh, it was fun! To feel and hear the rip of the roots being pulled from the ground just makes me want to do the weed-pulling dance! So the front yard is coming along, and I will be out there again tomorrow to do some “cleaning up.”
Oh, I almost forgot: I did some raking today around the crazy bush that wants to take over the house. I have no idea what kind of a bush it is, but it grows like crazy in the summer and we have to saw it back just to keep it off the house. For some reason, it doesn't drop its leaves until springish time, so I went out there and did the raking, and I gotta tell ya, I'm not dancing about raking!

This afternoon, I went to see Joe, my massage therapist, to see if I could get back out there and start running or maybe walking real fast. After he about killed me and said things like, "Oh that released well!" and "You’re doing stellar," I was told that no, I could not run and that I shouldn't get on the bike or the evil elliptical. He did say I could do some upper body workouts, which I am excited about, because I'm going to punch him out next week if he doesn't let me work out! So, the half marathon is three weeks away, and it is not looking good for the home team. It just makes me want to spit. So if you see someone doing some crazy dances and spitting—it's me! 

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