Monday, March 29, 2010

Kentucky Stuff

I was able to sell my race bib to a young soldier, Timothy O'Neal, who came in 124th overall and ran a 7:35 pace. There were 1,092 women and 971 men that ran the half marathon, a ratio I find pretty strange, as I thought this was more of a man's sport and we women were just catching on. The day was cold, wet and windy, which helped me not feel so bad about not being out there. I am starting all over again. Oh, bother. It's better than not being able to start at all though, and I look forward to doing it, even though I feel as though I have lost so much of what I had worked up to. Now that I think about it, I don't have that much going on, so starting now is a good thing.

Signed Kelly with Century 21 yesterday to sell our house, and we'll be having an open house the Sunday after Easter. So let the crazy fun begin. We had a gal stop by at 9:30 p.m. on Saturday and wanted to look at the house and sign a two-year lease—NOT! I pray we don't have to do something like that but know that it's a possibility. We also had a great time running around to five wineries to sample barrels, which is young wine that’s not ready to be bottled yet wine. We learned a lot, and now when we sample wine we look like pros, swirling, smelling and slurping! Great fun and neat to know that Kentucky does more than play basketball. Enough said.
This week is reading week at the seminary, which is another name for spring break, although everyone has so much reading to catch up on, that it was dumb to call it a break. Alex, however, is taking a break, because he's up to date on most of his studies and, being the introvert that he is, needs to get away from everyone for a while. He will be heading down to Mammoth Cave for some camping and spelunking. While he's gone, I will go for some dinner with Leslie, spiritual direction from Laura Beach, get a massage from Joe and go Goodwilling with Betty and Kari. My life—never a dull moment!

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