Friday, March 12, 2010

Have you ever?

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you look back and see that God really was hitting you over the head? Well, you are not alone, because that has been my week, and I am just now seeing it, and it's Friday! To start off, in Holy Spirit class, Steve Seamands has been talking about positioning yourself to hear from the Holy Spirit—that God isn't a respecter of persons but of positions, and I am getting my head around this slowly. God respects brokenness, obedience, public confession of sin, and the icing on the cake this week is a forgiving heart. So that is to say that unforgiveness in our hearts can keep God from blessing us. It's not that he is saying, "You hold unforgiveness in your heart for John, so I won't bless you until you forgive him." It's that our heart is like a closed fist, and God can't put blessings into our hand if it's in a fist. We have to release our bitterness and open our hands up before God can fill them.

The question that Steve had for us was, “Are you holding on to unforgiveness?” Before you ask the Lord to fill you up, ask him what you might need to be emptied of. Well, what if I'm scared to know what that might be? Do it anyway. What if knowing that makes me feel bad? Do it anyway. OK. So today, I forgave someone who has treated me indifferently and has not seen that I have the gifts of healing prayer and discernment. Today, I forgave people in my husband’s life who have not supported him on this journey in seminary, and today I forgave God for our being in a financially crazy place because he called my husband into ministry! All week long, God has slowly been showing me these things, and the dam opened up today.

So have you ever had one of those weeks where you look back and you see that God was wooing you to his side and that you fought it tooth and nail? Me too. Why don't you give in and crawl into the father's lap and have a good cry? I did, and now to make me feel better, my loving husband is going to take me out to eat Mexican tonight after we show the house again. I'll tell you about that tomorrow. Be blessed, friends, and remember to position yourself to hear from the Holy Spirit!

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Thanks! Well put and meaningful.