Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Good Day!

Today has been an interesting one, to say the least. The seminary is doing its own version of The Biggest Loser called The Greatest Loser, and today was the challenge day. Alex and his student council folks were putting it on, so I helped out and spent all day in the gym. So I came home and got to go for a little jog. I got dressed, laced up my shoes and headed out. Now my 25-year-old brain was trying to tell my little bit older body that it could get out there and just go all out. In the back of my brain, I could hear the wise words of Joe, "Not even a mile, and don't do anything more than a slow jog!" So my slow jog went well and short at 0.80 miles. I'm feeling—well, fine, now that I think about it. We'll see if I can get out of bed tomorrow!

We also got a contingent offer on the house! YEAH, GOD! So we are working on that, and at times, I feel like I should be getting ready for the other shoe to fall while also knowing that God is so in control of this. If God wants them in our house, their house will sell. We are seeing the door, hearing the knock and walking on through to the other side. We still have not heard where we are going to be appointed, except we do know we are going to Arkansas.
I'm going to leave you with something I read form my Holy Spirit class. Seeing the Holy Spirit as water, hear this: "Water is something that always runs down, never up. It is always trying to find the lowest place. So it is with the Holy Spirit: the Spirit loves to visit and fill the lowly, the humble, those who know their own emptiness." So I ask you: Are you empty? Work on that, my friend; work on that. Come, Holy Spirit!

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