Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Back

I worked out alone today cuz Alex wanted to hear a lecture from Dr. Tom Long. During my time of working out and half listening to the Olympic news, I heard the story about the snowboarder who's still in the hospital, the couple who ice dances and had such a bad year last year, and some jumper who had broken her foot in two places last year. I sat there on the floor for a minute and thought about this dang injury I have and how I'm not resting it enough or pushing it enough or caring enough or caring too much!
It was then that it started hitting me: I will live to run another day, another race, if I take care of myself the way I should NOW. What that means to me is this: 1) Just because my hip is feeling good today does not mean that I'm going to run on it tomorrow. 2) I will continue to do the weight training and the elliptical so that when my hip heals I will be able to start back to running, slowly but surely. 3) I must stop beating myself up! Alex tells me I will do this half marathon even if I walk it. I've paid the fee, so I will get the shirt, and I will be in the race. I will not set a PR or win my age group, but I will finish, and right now, that is my goal (along with starting it). Alex will be at the finish line waiting for me and yelling for his little wheels to "GO!" I pray I beat the ambulance that follows the runners and that I come in ahead of the really slow walkers. What I must remember is that only I can be responsible for my training, my body and my performance, but somebody will always have my back.

Even if I am the back!  

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Alex said...

That's the attitude, little wheels!