Monday, February 22, 2010

Things that make you go Hummm?

I got to thinking today about why I got my B.S. in Animal Science if I wasn't going to be a vet. I still don't have an answer to that, but it has brought up some questions I have about animals. Why is it that squirrels run on the electric wire over a street when I am sure they have seen the ones that haven't made it? Why does a dog even want to chase a squirrel when there is no way the dog can climb the tree as fast as the squirrel? How does my cat know when it's 3:30? Do birds really think they can fly through the big glass windows? What is the neighbor’s dog saying as he barks to the birds as they fly over him and he tries to jump up to get them? Why do I buy stuffed animals for Sam when I know he's going to unstuff them?

Ever wonder if God asks the same questions of us? Does he shake his head a lot and wonder when we are going to learn? I don't know, but I think every now and then I do learn something, even if it's like the bird smashing into the glass window. I find myself sitting in a heap on the ground, and I shake my little bird head to see if it makes any strange noises that it didn’t before. I look at the window and wonder, “What in the world did I fly into?” As I'm sitting there being still, I catch a glare off the window, and I see that I flew into a huge piece of glass! How long has that been there? Well, if I had known it was there I wouldn't have flown into it! What I forget is that that glass has been there for quite a while, and my flying into it isn't going to make it disappear or somehow let me go through it.
Sometimes, I think it's best if we just sit there and wait on God to show us the glares in our life. When we spend time waiting and listening and being present, we see and hear so much it blows our mind! We then get excited, jump up, fly over the crazy dog next door, up the road to tell all our bird friends, and on our way, we see other birds sitting in heaps, shaking their heads. We turn around, and we come back to sit and watch as they either look for the glares or jump up and fly into the glass again. Next time I see them sitting there, I'm going to go and join them and see if I can either help them see the glare or show them where not to fly!

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