Sunday, February 21, 2010

Planting Time?

I have been noticing that the sun is coming up a little earlier and maybe staying up a little longer. I have also been receiving seed catalogs. This can only mean one thing—spring is on its way! This year will be a bit different, as I won't be ordering seeds from my beloved catalogs per Alex's decree. His argument is that we won't be here to enjoy the bounty, even if those aren't the exact words he used. However, I believe that he is wrong, and when this happens, I feel I must prove my point. So I will be getting some lettuce seeds in the ground very soon. I will have to restrain myself from planting dill and cukes, which very well may send me over the edge of gardening sanity! I may have to put a few tomatoes in the raised bed garden too, as we might be able to have a few of those yummy beauties before moving day. Alex says that I don't know what a few is, and I am starting to believe him.
Picture this: I have two raised garden beds that are 12 X 3. Now I'm not sure how to figure out total square footage, but I see it as a space issue. If you see space, something should be planted in it! Every year I have more than 150 garlic plants, close to 90 cukes, a plethora of lettuce, so much dill that it is coming up in my house plants, about 15 tomatoes, some onions, five pepper plants, and we had to start a new place for okra last year. I live to garden! I love it with every fiber in my being and have found nothing else that will satisfy this urge to grow stuff. I love to pull weeds and feel that a lot of people’s anxieties would be taken care of if they would just sit down and rip out weeds. It's great; you should try it!
I also love to water. Water and I have a bond that must go back to something, but all I can think of is a picture my dad took of me sitting on the ground with a garden hose in one hand and a worm in the other, both too close to my mouth. Have you ever tried to water fast? It cannot be done. There is just no way to rush through the watering of the garden! So there is time to contemplate life and plan for dinner and get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Anyway, I encourage you all to think about becoming greener this year, to make up for me not being able to. Plant something this year and take care of it and see if the bug doesn't get to you so that you start to fill all the spaces in your yard with something that grows. Plant on! 


Lekili said...

I think you could plant a COUPLE of veggies out there and some flowers. Might be appealing to those who are going to buy your house and will help you keep your sanity ;-) Just don't over do it (LOL I don't do anything small) More flowers than veggies or put in a variety of herbs. They're easy and people love the idea of fresh herbs. You can always dry them and take them with you.

Abigail said...

If we didn't live in a rented place, I'd love to have a garden. Fresh veggies and herbs are so delicious...