Tuesday, February 23, 2010

They say it's my Birthday!

So I slept though the whole night last night, which is turning into a big deal! The night before, I had been awake since 2:30, but God wanted to show me some things, so I was OK with being awake. I woke this morning and thought to myself, "Self, it's your birthday!" I remember telling Alex before we moved here how old I would be when he graduated from seminary, and I am that age now. Still seems pretty old to be starting a ministry, but some of the great ones were older than me (and in the Bible) when they started, huh?
I also remember growing up with this tradition that I'm not really sure where it came from. I'm sure you have traditions that you don't know who to blame for, don't you? Anyway, this tradition starts with being woken up and dragged out of bed and them stuffed under the bed and left there to rot. OK, it wasn't that bad. I just like to give my folks grief. Now the year that I got a waterbed, this tradition began to change some cuz there was no way they could ever lift that waterbed! But this year is a little different from the past years in that I'm not looking at it in an expectant way. I'm celebrating that my Momma and Daddy wanted me and have treated me like that my whole life. I had a really cool childhood being a Navy brat with a mom that stayed home to take care of me and my sister. That is so unheard of nowadays, and it's sad cuz the kids are really missing out on a life learned from a Momma. I had a dad who would play airplane with us and throw us in the air and let us dance with him with our feet on top of his so we wouldn't miss a step. I had birthdays that were always special, because we got a yummy dinner out somewhere that we really liked. Living far from my family has been the hardest at birthday time, and I think it might be because I want to show them how grateful I am to them for helping me turn out to be who I am. It's like I'm a celebration to them! When I look at my profile page on Facebook and I see all the birthday greetings from most of the people who have known me for my life, I know that the ones that know my folks understand what I mean when I say, "Thanks for the birthday Momma and Daddy." 

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