Friday, January 1, 2010


Alex and I got to talken about traditions, today of all day's, and it occurred to me that some folks don't even have em...or have them but don't think they do.  So to set our story straight I wanted to tell what our traditions are, what we are wanting them to be and maybe what they aren't anymore.

  • They Aren't about hangovers anymore!
  • They Are about watching the Tournament of Rose's Parade, all the football anyone could stand in 1 day and alway's yelling for the SEC, eaten black-eyed pea's, cornbread, turnip green's and something new this year...shrimp.  The reason for adding the shrimp isn't what you would think.  That peel em and eat em is a southern thing, no it's more of a sale thing.  They were buy one get one at half price and we had a coupon for $3 off!
  • They Might be about slowing down and reflecting on where we were and what happened last year.  How things can be better this year and maybe seeing that rest and exercise are both important.

What we got new this year was a water main busted and we were without water.  When this happens it defiantly makes you slow down and fuss at the city people who aren't takin proper care of us!  But it also causes you to be proud to live in a country that does have safe water.

Traditions are what we do that seem to hold us together, to a time when we were all younger and a lot more carefree.  They cause us to remember the family that has gone on to be with Jesus and doing the traditions seems to bring them back to our minds in a clearer, crisper way.  So maybe traditions are about remembering fondly the people who started us doing all this silly stuff to begin with.  Maybe it's about sharing who we are with people that may not know us, maybe it's about making our family circle just a little bit bigger this year!   So from us to you...welcome to the family, now sit down and eat your black-eyed pea's or you won't have any money this coming year!  Go SEC!!!!

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Lekili said...

So you have gone over to the darkside (bloging). Welcome to the neighborhood. Glad your water is back. We've already eaten our peas. Watching more football than I thought was possible! GO NOLES!!!