Saturday, January 2, 2010

Are we Warm yet?

I'm going to get on my high horse about Global Warming today!!!  Where is this warming taken place is what I want to know?  It is 17 degrees here and that's colder than in Baltimore MD!  That is just not right!  When we got up this morning it was ZERO with the wind chill.  I left Colorado thinking that I wouldn't have to be that cold again...BUT NOOOO!

When we moved in here there was a cat that came with the house, his name was Fred.  Fred was an outside cat and I will go into more stories about him later.  The thing I want to bring up right now is that he loved being in the house.  So we took Fred in and he was the funniest cat we have ever had.  One of the things he did in the winter was to lay on top of the heating ducts and sleep.  Fred left us this past fall when he started acting sick, it still breaks my heart!   

The reason I bring this up is that we have an older cat name Yazi and I do believe that he is happy that Fred is now gone.  I was cleaning up in the kitchen today and looked over at the heating duct that Fred always sat on and look who picked up the trick... Yazi!!

Needless to say Global Warming has not hit the Workman household, just ask the animals!

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