Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are You Great-full?

At times I'm glad that this year is done!  I've had it, I'm tired, let's do something different!  But I say that every year.  So while I was thinking about stuff, I walked through the kitchen and came across the container that holds my very most favorite pie in all the world...Chess...ummmm.  It is so rich and so full of sugar that I gain weight just thinking about it and only have it once a year.  10 times out of 10 it's my Momma that makes it too.  In fact, I don't think I've ever made this pie as I'm not the pie maker in the house, that's Alex!  Now that I think about it, Alex hasn't ever made me this pie, it has always been either Momma or Grannie.  It was Grandaddy's favorite too.  This pie is so good that I wanted to share the recipe with you when I found to my total shock that I don't even have that!  So, I will take a picture of this container that holds my most favorite pie, however I must warn you that it has traveled in from Arkansas and does look worse for the trip.

One of the things that I'm grateful for is time spent in the kitchen with my Momma.  The things that I have learned range from making your own buttermilk to knowing why it's important to vote.  If your house is like mine, the kitchen is the place where it all happens anyway so why not hang out there?  Knowing how to hang out in the kitchen is an art form that's passed down from generation to generation, it's like a right of passage.  I can remember asking what I could do to help, even if it was as simple as stirring something on the stove.  Now, my heart swells when my folks visit and Momma asks me the same question.  You know it's not all about getting it done faster, it's about spending time in the heart of your house with the people you ask to be there with you.  It's about being great-full.  Thanks for teaching me Momma, I love you!  

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