Sunday, January 17, 2010


This time last year we were coming home from our trip to Israel!  The group was mainly from Texas, with a handful of us seminary students and we toured Israel for about 12 days. Trips that take you out of the country go deep inside of you and bonds are formed with people you wouldn't pick out of a crowd to be friends with.  That happened on this trip and every so often we students get together and share a meal, because that's where you share your heart, at the table.  Susan sneeked into town for a J-term class and that was all we needed to get together, chow down and visit!  This group of student's come from different walks of life but they all have the love of Christ in their hearts.  We have all been called into ministry in one form or another, which is to say not all of us preach!  Some sing, some heal but we all love Jesus and are going forth to bring glory to the kingdom.  We have no idea what that looks like and that's really OK.  What we do know is there is a connections between us that goes deeper than most because we walked where Jesus walked, together, and we saw a part of our history that's over 2000 years old, together.  We saw, we touched, and we were changed by the very grace of God.  I hope as we graduate to stay in touch, Randy was the 1st to leave the fold and is at a church in Baltimore MD, he and his family was missed at this gathering.  Jonathan is working on his Doctorate in worship and is staying in town.  Dustin and Alex graduate in May and will be going to TX and AR, so how will we hold it together?  I guess that would be up to God to take care of for us.  However, I do like the idea of getting together in 4 years and going back to Israel, hanging with Mishi, eating some great food and seeing it all over again with different eyes but with the same people!        

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