Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I fell into a burning ring of honor!!

Sweat Rings!  I believe that all good runs are judged by how far you go or how much you sweat!  This is a good amount of sweat for a girl and I would say a good run was had.  I remember pre-running times when I would find the hubby's work cap that had the salt dried on it from a few days of hard work and I wanted to grab that puppy and wash it clean!  Needless to say Alex wouldn't have any of that...it was like a ring of honor or something.  I thought at the time it might be because he didn't want the hat to loose it's shape, so I found out you could wash them in the dishwasher.  Still, he won't have any part of it!  Now that I have my own cap with my own sweat rings I understand the whole ring of honor thing.  Don't you touch my cap!

The funny part of this is I color my hair and the last cap I had turned a little darker the day after the dye job, so I would caution you on that if you have a light colored cap.  It's funny how the things that use to gross me out about boy's make me proud of myself now.  Sweat rings on cap's, smelly shirts that can stand up in a corner all by themselves, socks that are just plain sad to see.  I guess as I'm getting older and healthier I'm getting smarter and smellier (at times anyway).  The new dilemma is what to do with all the old crunchy stained caps??  You can't just throw them away, with all those miles on them!  You can't wash em cuz you just can't wash em!  Maybe a burial for old cap's needs to be started?  Like the crosses you see on the side of the roads, everywhere we live in the back yard there will be small crosses where Kim's hat have come to rest.  There might even be a strange smell in the air and nothing growing there because of all the salt...

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