Monday, January 25, 2010


As I sit here with my icy slushy thing in a bag on my hip, getting ready to blog you today, my husband calls me to come downstairs and tells me to bring the camera. Before I tell you about the picture, let me give you some background on our neighbor dogs, Bear and Brownie (B&B). Now I know that B&B have parents; I have heard them on occasions yelling at each other while barbecuing. However, we have watched these two dogs grow up from the safety of our own backyard. Brownie, a chocolate Lab was the first on the scene. He was pretty well behaved—no barking or eating anything out of the normal for a Lab. But our neighbors just couldn't leave well enough alone, so they brought Bear home. I'm not too sure what Bear is. He seems to have some St Bernard in him, cuz he's huge and he barks—a lot—and he drools—a lot. My neighbors have an aboveground pool, and I believe that is the only thing they have not gotten into and tried to destroy. They sit on the lawn furniture and chew up sticks. They sit on the picnic table and eat shoes. They bark at ALL times, and the yard is in sad shape. Now I have gotten my B.S. in Animal Science and have had animals all my life. I am no expert, but I do know one thing—these dogs are bored and want someone to pay attention to them!

Now, back to the picture. This is the corner of our backyard that runs along B&B's yard. If you will look at the top of the fence in the corner of their yard, you will see two heads. The white one is Bear and the brown one is Brownie. They have climbed on top of a woodpile so that they could see if the grass really is greener on the other side. And lo and behold, it is! They sit there and look over into our yard and see the fun that we are having and the fun that our dogs are having, and they want to jump over and get a new family. Needless to say, this is not going to happen (well, the jumping over may, but the getting a new family won't). However, it breaks my heart when people get big dogs and then don't give them the time and attention they need! Alex and I take Gracie and Sam for walks and play with them and treat them as part of the family. They are large dogs (LabX and Golden) and deserve to be treated well! So if you have a large dog, you better be taking care of it or I'll find out where you live, move in next door and give your dog yard and people envy! You have been warned!   

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