Friday, July 17, 2015

Smack Down Place!!

Have you ever just been cruising along, learning a new job, trying to keep up with the watering that needs to happen in the yard, wondering why you can't keep your house picked up, and all of a sudden out of left field... Smack!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, that is where I am right now, smack dab on the floor. I've been taken down by the smack of God.

The main thing I speak, is to live in the present. Don't live in yesterday and what if's because they are over and done with. Don't live in the future, waiting on your boat to come in, because that boat may have never been built. Live into today, that is really all God has given you and it's all you can really bank on. When we live into today, we can start to see God in all things. When we start seeing him, we can start being with him. The next thing we know, we are in the presence of God, in the present. We are dwelling with the Father. It truly is the place to be.

With that in mind, I also understand and have to live life in this world, in this present time. It is hard. It is mean. Sometimes it is flat out not something we can even get our minds around, finding God in all things, whatever can that look like?!! 

But, I'm here to testify that it can happen. 

I'm in the smack down place, laying down here on the ground. Looking at the dirt, eating worms and feeling sorry for myself. If your like me, this is an easy place to hang out in. It's not pretty, cuz we're covered in dirt, got a red face from the smack down, and let's face it, worms tasted better when we were young and didn't know any better. We know better!

So I'm going to roll over and start looking up. I'm starting to see that the blue sky can take your breath away. The birds are still flying and need those worms more than I do!

I invite you to roll over when your in the smack down place. As JD Walt put it:

Let failure take it's toll on our self confidence because
we need more God confidence.
Failed self confidence gives rise to humility,
when God confidence rises, boldness is born.

It's the place where the convergence of poverty of spirit, meekness and purity of heart happened. It's where God wants us, cuz then... He can use us.

Peace out!!


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