Thursday, December 11, 2014


What is it they say about good intentions? And who is "they"?

Sorry about it being almost a month since last I wrote with you in mind, but it has been flat out crazy around here. Or maybe I'm the crazy one.

I'm going to post some pic's in order to share with you what in the sam hill has been going on around here.

I've been seeing my fair share of these. That's the sun coming up behind Burger King, which is across the street from work. BTW, I won't be using the name of the company I work for because I don't want them to know about me cuz they will stock me. They have moved open time to 4:00 am. This pic was taken around 7:00 am. 

We have been having some of these here, what I like to call, a controlled burn.

This is what I get to drive into in the mornings. It's our main street and there are snow flakes that line both sides of the street. When I see this, I almost forget how crabby people can be.

This is Gracie with her stick. I know, it does look a little big for her, and she's a big dog. We have burned all the small sticks so she has been forced to pull up small trees and smack us in the back of the knee caps as she runs by. Dang Huskies!

This is our wild and crazy Christmas tree. I believe in forcing branches to loosen up by placing heavy ornaments on them. Yes, I do know that there is no topper. I'm looking for a new one. See Santa in the corner?

Here's Santa! We got our yearly gift from Maker's Mark and this year it's a "Deck the neck" scarf. The gift's are meant to to go on a bottle and to be given as a gift. Not happen, just saying.

There's Preacher man, hanging lights! After he finished, he got sick and has been sick for 4 day's now. 

I just wanted to say Hi, before the season got away from me. Thinking about you and wishing you Burger King sun rises and really big sticks to play with!

Peace Out!

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Leslie said...

Sorry hubby got sick after putting up the lights :-(
Glad he put lights up though. Lights are so joyful. I love seeing them as I come home from work :-)

Wish you were putting lights on your old house here. It's very dark and quiet over there.

Love the pic of Gracie. Watch out for those sticks. Any other critters living with you now?

My tree doesn't have a topper either. Just can't seem to find one that I like enough and of course none compare to my childhood memories so I continue the search...

Santa is looking good in his MM scarf. He might loosen up a little if you gave him some MM ;-)

I'm off after the 19th. Hope to catch up with you then. Maybe coffee via FaceTime!