Monday, November 10, 2014


Do you like surprises? I think I can say, I do. Believe me, I understand there are surprises out there that no one likes, but as a whole, I think I like them. Now don't get me wrong, I am a planner, sorta. I mean, somethings have to be planned don't you think? Nothing is coming to mind right this very second, but I know things must be planned!

Preacher man and I went to church together yesterday. I know, this use to be something that happened all the time. With our work schedules, it's something that hasn't happened in a while. We had planned it, and knew that after church we would be hanging out with Mom & Dad. That was the plan. I had not planned to hear from God, I was just showing up.

It's been hard lately. Hell, it's been hard for awhile. Having to go back to what I know because the plan that I planned has changed. I mean even the Disciples went back to what they knew, fishing, when Jesus left. It's like a default mode that's inside of us, or at least me. We go back to what we were doing before Jesus showed up and changed our life don't we? Can I get a witness?

I have shut doors in my heart that lead to the what if's and the could be's. I've set up my own protective devises that go off when something or someone try's to open those doors. I'm fine living my life shut down and unexpectant, really.


I was able to worship even though the music could have been better. It was the words that cracked the door open. The next thing I know, tears! (I am a firm believer in tears that come straight from the Holy Spirit!) There was the knowing in my heart, I was seen, God has not forgotten me. I looked, and the dang doors were opened again. There is hope...

God does have a plan, even though I don't have a clue what it is. Am I going to be able to let Him surprise me? I hope so. 

God woo's us to Him. Woo means to seek the affection or love of someone. God is the wooer and we are the wooies. He is seeking us, wooing us to Him! Will we let Him?

I'm waiting. It's hard, but I'm waiting on God. I know He could use my help in planning all this out... I know He needs my input and my thoughts about what to do... 

My job, right now, is to wait on God. To let Him open the doors of my heart again and woo me.  

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