Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Make Time!

I had Saturday and Sunday off from my convenience store/gas station/assistant manager job, so we went camping!

We got to hang out with some real cool folks. Drank some beer, ate some food, took the dog for swims, and sat around and had the best visit.

One of the things I enjoy about camping, is the pace. There isn't one! It takes you out of your home element and sticks you out in your yard element. Most of you know, I love being in the yard! What I really love is the way the conversation moves to include everyone. This also means that everyone will also get the opportunity to be picked on too.

The time fly's by and what feels like 1 hour, ends up being 4. This is making time for each other. It's hard to do, we're so busy with our jobs and our stuff, and out things, and our...

It's so important to make time to stop and reconnect with each other, with nature and with the stories of our life!

Who's story can you be apart of? What memories will you pass along to the people you share life with? How will you make God smile today?

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