Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What's Next!

I just completed an eight week training program to get me to the point where I can run a 5K, as of Sunday. So I ran my very own 5K. On Sunday. It wasn't all that, so don't think you missed anything.

When I get to the end of something, I start to look around like, what's next? Do I find another program, take a break and pig out of all the carbs and sugar my hearts desires? So I thought about that yesterday. I thought about a lot yesterday.

So this morning I started training for a 10K, which is 6 miles. It sounds way more longer if you put it in K's and not miles. The program, which is by Nike, said to run 3 miles. Well crap, I have just worked my way up to running 3 miles (5K). It said to take it slow, run 3 miles at an easy, comfortable pace. Really!! I have no idea what that looks like mainly cuz running has always been about finishing.


Made me take a step back and think about it. That's seems to be the difference in running and racing. Running is about 3 miles at an easy, comfortable pace. No ones telling me to run my butt off, but me. Racing is about finishing.

My last race in 2011

So today I went for a 3 mile run. I ran at an easy, slow, comfortable pace. 

It was great!

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