Thursday, June 26, 2014


And in this season I am stretching you.

Does that speak to anybody the way it's speaking to me? This is where I live now in case you need to find me, at the edge of stretched for a season. My next question then becomes, Just how long is this season? 

But here's the deal; when you stop looking so intently at yourself and get your focus a little farther out, say a person in line with you at the store, then you start seeing big picture stuff.

Big picture stuff can change the world!

You start seeing things from a different perspective, and that's always good. Our own focus, our own vision, is just that, ours. You can't expect people to see you and want to be like you if all your about is yourself. When I see you and step into your focus, making you part of mine, we see things from outside our selves.

Anyway!~ I'm starting to see, to want to understand, to be in this moment God has given me. 
To be present. 
To be aware.
To focus out there on something other than myself and my situation.
To allow God to be God.
To allow myself to be stretched.  

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