Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I just read something about how Ga-Ga we get over and during October! We think fall is here because we have pumpkin flavored everything! We start getting those scarfs out and finding the sweat shirts that fit, go by the wood pile and kick it to make sure if something is living in there, it has been warned! However, the day's of October don't let go of summer all that easily, as we shed the cute jacket and stick our heads out the window!

But November is dependable! The wind blows in slowly with hints of fog in the early morning. The leaves begin their true decent down to become one with the earth.

I've said it before, but when we were in seminary, we had what is still called to this day, "Gingko Watch." Two, 150 year old Gingkoes stand outside of the main building there on Lexington Ave. I fell in love with ginkgo's at Asbury! One of the coolest things about these awesome trees is the leaves all turn yellow and then as if receiving orders from mission control, the tree releases the leaves all within about a 24 hour period. (That's what the "Watch" is for) It is the most amazing thing to be apart of! The picture above was taken yesterday as they began to fall. See how they carpet the ground? I have stood there in the silents and heard the leaves falling, it's beyond words.

So I have decided, that everywhere we live, I'm going to do everything in my power to plant a Gingko.


Here's the first one! 

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