Thursday, June 20, 2013


We have hit a thick, ruff spot, and when that happens I either go into a deep dark place overloaded with mediative paranoia, or I become hysterically indifferent. I'm hanging out in between these places right now, so you will need to bear with me as my postings may seem off colored for a while.

VBS is done! I find that every year at this time, I wonder why we do it? Are we building the kingdom, saving souls for Jesus, blowing off steam, or just acting like a bunch of 8 year olds? The questions I'm left with are: What does Lazarus have to do with the farm? Why do we belittle our leaders? And who comes up with this stuff? 

Preacher man asked me a great question last night, maybe it was more of a statement. Wonder what Jesus thought about ministry? Ministry is hard! We knew this before getting into it, cuz we were into it before we went to seminary. One of my beloved professor use to say; Ministry would be awesome if it wasn't for the people! It's so true, yet it's also one of the reason's you get into ministry. To help other's grow up in Christ. 

At times, I'd rather be a farmer.  

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